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LCL –Operational System

Our Special services
All the LCL shipments are completely monitored through reputed surveyors and the information will be updated to the client time to time.
Scope of service
Separate entry /exit for arrival and dispatch. Complete surveillance cameras for monitoring the entire operations. Separate security force 24/7 at LCL warehouse Fire fighting equipments separately for hazardous and non –hazardous cargo equipped. Separate parking facility for delivery vehicles.Has renewable License under sec 13 of Tamilnadu Fire Service act 1985 and with fire service rule 1990 appendix III.and the validity of license 1 year from the date of issue (18/3/2009 to 17/03/2010). Our each Warehouses fully equipped with fire fighting Extinguishers and Fire Buckets.Stocking of raw materials & finished goods Stock storage and retrieval Mode and Transport selection Vehicle scheduling and routing Freight consolidation